Established for what? Not exactly living up to that mission are we?

Clemson was established to teach Science, Agriculture and the Mechanical Arts to South Carolina’s young people (specifically those in rural areas).

“I always used to tell people that they never realized how good an academic school Clemson is.  I always felt like Clemson had a chip on its shoulder about some things, because it was selective in admissions but perhaps wasn’t as known academically as some of the other universities in the conference, despite Clemson being a great academic institution.

“At this point in time in the 1990s I thought our administration decided that test scores were more important than Clemson.  And I loved Clemson because Clemson was great granddaddy, son, daughter and just everybody went there.  It was a family place.  It was a college for people of the state of South Carolina.  But I saw us changing.  And now if a kid from Cheraw, South Carolina wants to go to Clemson and has the score and his whole family has gone to Clemson but there is a better test score in New Jersey, then all of a sudden we started taking other people.  And that had nothing to do with football, but I did see Clemson changing at that time for what I felt was for the worst.” – Tommy West (Clemson Head Coach 1993-1998)