Clemson Helmet Controversy

With all of the talk during dead time about Clemson  changing helmet designs/colors I just wanted to reassure Tiger Nation that this will NEVER HAPPEN !!!  The Tiger Paw, which Clemson University had to trademark because so many people were copying it, has become synonymous with the university and is always in the top 5 or 10 when College Logos/Helmets are voted on or discussed.  One thing that you learn in Marketing and this is especially true with Sports Marketing is to build your brand.  To do this you need something constant that people will always identify with you.  We can all agree that Clemson has done a very good job with the Paw and specifically in relation to the helmet.  People all over the country know who is playing when they see the Clemson football team in uniform, even if all they can see is a little white dot on the side of that orange helmet. In contrast, the South Carolina Athletic Department has done a terrible job.  They allow their brand to be diminished by changing their look every other year.  They went from White to Garnet to White to Black back to White Helmets.  People don’t readily

Rivalry -vs- Revenue

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about scheduling.  Most of this discussion has centered around either adding a 9th conference game or scheduling tougher out of conference opponents to better position a team for a chance at getting into the College Football Playoff.  This article will deal with the ability to schedule good competition and meaningful rivalries in this new age of college football. As everyone knows, with the conference expansions that started with the SEC in 1990, it has become more difficult to schedule top quality opponents because of logistics as well as the fact that teams’ conference schedules have become more difficult.  The only incentives to scheduling a top quality opponent are to improve your resume for the College Football Playoff or to satisfy the insatiable hunger of the fans.  From a revenue standpoint scheduling a Power 5 opponent is a negative because a team of that caliber would require a return visit which would limit the revenue that the school could take in …. Until now. If the following system were to be adopted, it would enable teams to schedule these top quality opponents.  The following steps would need to be implemented for the system to

Satellite Tailgating: How To

This article is meant to be a basic how to guide for the college football fan that wants to set up a satellite dish at his/her tailgate. Materials Needed – Explanation Satellite dish: Kind of a no brainer but this is essential. You should buy an extra dish and not use the one from your house. Extra Satellite dishes can be had on EBay for about $20 plus shipping. You may also be able to get one from the cable company as they tend to remove dishes from houses where they install their service. Just remember to call and ask first. Getting a tailgating only dish is especially crucial if you are TiVo-ing the game at home while you are in attendance. If you do take your dish from home you will be very disappointed with the 3 & ½ hours of blue screen that will be waiting for you when you get back. Power Inverter This turns the batteries DC power into AC power that your TV and Sat. Receiver can use. A 700 watt inverter should be sufficient to run a receiver and a decent size TV (27″ or so). These can be had at various places online

Sure you have the Right…But Should you?

There are people out there who use the argument that they have the right to ~woo hoo~ if they want to.  They are absolutely correct.  However, the question is not “do they have the right?”, it is “Should they be tearing down a tradition of Death Valley as an intimidating environment by injecting into it a large dose of sissyness via the ~woo hoo~ ?”. If you want the players to get nasty and play with toughness, how ’bout you do the same with your cheering.  Until you cut out the ~woo hoo~ on your end don’t complain when it filters down to the players. For information on what you can do to help get rid of the ~woo hoo~ CLICK HERE.

Emasculation by Woo~Hoo

The “Woo Hoo” has finally succeeded in it’s mission…to emasculate our football team.  Yes, you heard me right…I referred to the “Woo Hoo” as an entity bound and determined to destroy all that is great, and tough, and intimidating about the Clemson football program, its fans, and Death Valley.  For those of you who want to make a difference, it starts with stopping the “Woo Hoo”. To stop the “Woo Hoo” we must replace it with something already familiar to fans so that it doesn’t feel forced.  Once we do that we can phase out the replacement. Our replacement is “FIGHT TIGERS, FIGHT TIGERS, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT”.  It fits perfectly in where the “Woo Hoo” currently is and the fans are already familiar with it due to the cadence count.