Home Field Advantage

It has been stated that the “woo hoo” was heard as far back as the 1982 Orange Bowl Game.  That is a possibility but I don’t really remember hearing it on my game DVD.  Either way, it does not change the fact that it wasn’t until recently (1998-’99) that it was heard with any significant volume in Clemson’s “DEATH Valley”.

Death Valley

The perpetrators of this sissy yet apparently infectious chant were the members of the flag line of ’98-’99 and for the people that continue this silliness there are a few things about the woo hoo that you should know

  1. It sounds sissy, pansy, however you want to say it.  Either way, it is not very aggressive.  This is not an opinion, it is a fact and anyone who disagrees is well…wrong.
  2. It makes for an easier atmosphere for opposing teams to play in because the fans do not sound intimidating, they sound a little light in the feet.
  3. It gives the Clemson fan base a bad name.
  4. It is NOT a Tradition.  At Clemson there is pretty much a story or reason behind every tradition.  For the woo hoo: the flag line was bored and started doing some nonsense chant and a bunch a drunk frat guys joined in.  I don’t know about you but this is not good enough for me.

The crowd should be there not only to cheer for their own team and have fun, but to make it more difficult for the opposing team to execute.  It’s called “Home Field Advantage”.  This is something that we as Tiger fans have a duty to provide for our team and for the past 7 seasons it has been severely lacking.  The “woo hoo” sucks the “DEATH” right out of the valley.  I implore you this coming season to infuse our stadium with the “DEATH” that originally made it great and to create the most intimidating stage that any team on our home schedule has ever set foot on.


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