Clemson Helmet Controversy

Clemson Throwback HelmetWith all of the talk during dead time about Clemson  changing helmet designs/colors I just wanted to reassure Tiger Nation that this will NEVER HAPPEN !!!

 The Tiger Paw, which Clemson University had to trademark because so many people were copying it, has become synonymous with the university and is always in the top 5 or 10 when College Logos/Helmets are voted on or discussed.  One thing that you learn in Marketing and this is especially true with Sports Marketing is to build your brand.  To do this you need something constant that people will always identify with you.  We can all agree that Clemson has done a very good job with the Paw and specifically in relation to the helmet.  People all over the country know who is playing when they see the Clemson football team in uniform, even if all they can see is a little white dot on the side of that orange helmet.
In contrast, the South Carolina Athletic Department has done a terrible job.  They allow their brand to be diminished by changing their look every other year.  They went from White to Garnet to White to Black back to White Helmets.  People don’t readily know who is playing just by looking.  For all they know Alabama might be playing some team from the Mountain West Conference.I said all that to say this: Clemson will not allow its brand to be reduced to the level of the University of South Carolina so you all can rest easy.  I would however, like to see us in a couple of games wear the Throwback Uniforms that we wore against Georgia in 1995 and Furman in 1996.

To the best of my knowledge the following is a list of historically accurate (except for possibly the font used on the Numeral Helmet) Clemson Football helmet designs.

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