What is the Woo Hoo ?

Q: What is the “woo hoo” ?

A: The “woo hoo” is a SISSY chant that some fans yell close to the end of Tiger Rag (the Clemson Fight Song).

Q: I’ve never heard it, when did it start ?

A: If you have never heard the “woo hoo” then you haven’t been to a Clemson football game in the past 10 or 12 years.  The “woo hoo” started some time around 1998 when members of the Clemson Flag Line started doing it.

Q: I heard that it started in 1992 at a game against Virginia, is this true ?

A: Yes and No.  Apparently it was first heard at that game but didn’t catch on.  The “woo hoo” was not heard for most of the 90’s.  It gained most of it’s momentum throughout the academic year of 1998-1999.

Q: Is the Tiger Rag Preservation Society affiliated with Clemson University ?

A: In a word, No.  It is true that our founder and many of our members are alumni of Clemson University and care deeply about its traditions, but as far as the TRPS being officially affiliated (try saying that 5 X fast) we are not.