How do I Get Involved ?

Q: How do I become involved in the TRPS ?

A: Well, first you should become a member.  This allows us to better communicate with supporters ?
Q: How do I become a member ?

A: Simple, just register for a User ID and password on the Home Page.  If you like you can head on over to the TRPS message board and join in on the discussion.  The Forum is one of the best ways for supporters to organize thier anti-woohoo efforts. *** (Forum to return soon) ***

Q: What are some good ways to get involved with the cause?

A: A really easy way is to sport your “Ban the Woo Hoo” or “Tiger Rag Preservation Society” T-Shirt.  These can be obtained by clicking the merchandise link and going to the TRPS store.

Other ways include creating banners with our slogan to be displayed proudly at tailgating sites on game day or organizing a “Ban the Woo Hoo” tailgate party.