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Some people say that trying to get rid of the “woo hoo” is trivial, but we here at the TRPS believe that is simply not the case.  Obviously on field results speak the loudest but a fan base can also gain a reputation.  We don’t want our reputation among our opponents’ players to be a weak one so with that said,  It’s time to put some strength and ferocity back into Tiger Rag; enough with sounding like a bunch of lackadaisical pansies. The goal of the TRPS is to rid Tiger Nation of this nonsense chant.
It’s hard to fight when your fight song isn’t serious so whenever possible we should politely point out the silliness of the “woo hoo” and convincingly suggest to others to replace the it with infectious volleys of the classic “FIGHT TIGERS, FIGHT TIGERS, [ — pause — ], FIGHT, FIGHT”. We are Tigers, and Tigers fight for domination. We do not submit to something designed specifically for the weak minded.

Some people have suggested some of the old Tiger cheers that contain profanity as replacements for the “woo hoo”.  While we do love the throw back to Old Clemson College, we do not feel that we can endorse those chants that contain profanity as replacements because we want everyone from age 1 to 101 to be able to join in and help us get rid of the “woo hoo”.  We can still rebuild the difficult playing environment of Death Valley without resulting to swearing.

This site is intended to make easier the difficult task of getting the “Ban the Woo Hoo” message out.  We hope that this site will make it easier for us to collaborate and that it will enable you to become involved in your own small way. We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or need further information.

Woo Hoo Background Info

From what we have been able to piece together over the past few years, we have come to the following conclusion:  the “woo hoo” was originally heard during a Clemson -vs- UVA game in 1990.  It stayed dormant until 1998 when the flag line started doing it.  It gained momentum with some students (especially freshmen).  From what we understand, it is now taught at freshmen orientation.  This is a huge problem because these freshmen come into Clemson thinking that the “woo-hoo” is part of our tradition when it is most absolutely NOT!!!  It must stop here.

In 1990, the Woo-Hoo was first used in our fight song against Virginia. In this game, we lost to Virginia 20 – 7, the first time Clemson had not beaten Virginia in 31 years. We started to feel the effects of the “woo-hoo” soon after as 1991 was the last year we won the ACC title. In short, the “woo-hoo” began the slide to mediocrity we are just now beginning to recover from.”