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TRPS Twitter Strategy

The Tiger Rag Preservation Society has decided to employ a twitter communication strategy this following season.  It will be used in conjunction with the previously implemented Official Eradication Strategy that you can read about here. We will be using the official TRPS twitter account,,to communicate the official strategy as well as provide real time reminders during games so that the fans at the games don’t forget to replace the “woo hoo” the next time Tiger Rag is played. The reminders will not only remind them to replace the woo hoo but to replace it with the official TRPS replacement slogan.  If everyone just replaces it with their own version it will end up as background noise…if they replace it with a single slogan, it will have a much bigger impact. With this strategy in mind please follow us on twitter and then tweet to your friends recommending that they follow as well.   If you want a shortened URL to this post you can use the following: Thanks and happy tweeting / facebooking, The TRPS

Emasculation by Woo~Hoo

The “Woo Hoo” has finally succeeded in it’s mission…to emasculate our football team.  Yes, you heard me right…I referred to the “Woo Hoo” as an entity bound and determined to destroy all that is great, and tough, and intimidating about the Clemson football program, its fans, and Death Valley.  For those of you who want to make a difference, it starts with stopping the “Woo Hoo”. To stop the “Woo Hoo” we must replace it with something already familiar to fans so that it doesn’t feel forced.  Once we do that we can phase out the replacement. Our replacement is “FIGHT TIGERS, FIGHT TIGERS, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT”.  It fits perfectly in where the “Woo Hoo” currently is and the fans are already familiar with it due to the cadence count.

Home Field Advantage

It has been stated that the “woo hoo” was heard as far back as the 1982 Orange Bowl Game.  That is a possibility but I don’t really remember hearing it on my game DVD.  Either way, it does not change the fact that it wasn’t until recently (1998-’99) that it was heard with any significant volume in Clemson’s “DEATH Valley”. The perpetrators of this sissy yet apparently infectious chant were the members of the flag line of ’98-’99 and for the people that continue this silliness there are a few things about the woo hoo that you should know It sounds sissy, pansy, however you want to say it.  Either way, it is not very aggressive.  This is not an opinion, it is a fact and anyone who disagrees is well…wrong. It makes for an easier atmosphere for opposing teams to play in because the fans do not sound intimidating, they sound a little light in the feet. It gives the Clemson fan base a bad name. It is NOT a Tradition.  At Clemson there is pretty much a story or reason behind every tradition.  For the woo hoo: the flag line was bored and started doing some nonsense chant

Declaration of Independence

This Declaration was taken from a post by “Spud” on The Tigernet. Collectively, we feel that the sissy-sounding squall that has recently come to be called the “woo hoo” should be banned from all Clemson University athletic, social, organizational, academic, and all other gatherings as deemed necessary by the undersigned. We must think of the students and now even alumni that were not fortunate enough to be privy to a life prior to the abhorrent “woo-hoo” imposed on each member of the Clemson Family. We must stand up for a life before “woo-hooing” pervaded the air and out-sung the melodic sounds of our own Tiger Rag. We must stand up for honesty and integrity by taking a firm stance against the thievery that is the “woo hoo”. We must stand against the stereotyping of our dear University by not allowing the integration of a sound most likely to be heard on a farm. We must stand for the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness that cannot continue unless this loathsome sound is removed from our present “tradition” and is replaced as a shameful part of our otherwise rich rich history. As a group of some of the most prominent individuals