Official Eradication Strategy

The TRPS’ official strategy for getting rid of the “woo hoo” is to replace it with something else.  While we believe that silence during this portion of Tiger Rag is preferable, we realize that old habits die hard.  With this in mind we have decided to pursue the replacement strategy.  After taking surveys over the past year the overwhelming winner is the following: “FIGHT TIGERS, FIGHT TIGERS, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT”. The official replacement slogan fits right into where the “woo hoo” currently resides and is a much more “collegiate” sounding cheer.  Additionally it is yelled in other instances during games so it will be familiar to the people we are trying to convert.  Eventually we hope to phase this chant out of Tiger Rag as well but in the mean time you are all invited to to help us get rid of the abomination known as the “woo hoo” by using the TRPS replacement strategy.  If everyone does it instead of just being silent it will catch on just like the “woo hoo” did 12 years ago. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know at our contact email address or use the Contact form linked to