Satellite Tailgating: How To

This article is meant to be a basic how to guide for the college football fan that wants to set up a satellite dish at his/her tailgate. Materials Needed – Explanation Satellite dish: Kind of a no brainer but this is essential. You should buy an extra dish and not use the one from your house. Extra Satellite dishes can be had on EBay for about $20 plus shipping. You may also be able to get one from the cable company as they tend to remove dishes from houses where they install their service. Just remember to call and ask first. Getting a tailgating only dish is especially crucial if you are TiVo-ing the game at home while you are in attendance. If you do take your dish from home you will be very disappointed with the 3 & ½ hours of blue screen that will be waiting for you when you get back. Power Inverter This turns the batteries DC power into AC power that your TV and Sat. Receiver can use. A 700 watt inverter should be sufficient to run a receiver and a decent size TV (27″ or so). These can be had at various places online